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Retirement  / Vacation Boarding

As you consider retirement for this valued member of your family, think about the natural world horses were born to live in.  4BR horse retirement program provides you the opportunity to give your horse a chance to roam the range with complete freedom and personal human care.

Movement is crucial to horse health.  Movement improves circulation and keeps joints better lubricated, especially in older horses.  A horse's ability to travel, combined with large turnouts that have natural cover, means your horse will stay happier and healthier than in a restrictive environment, such as a traditional boarding stable.  Horses with lots of acreage will travel naturally, keeping their digestive system, and respiratory system in better condition.

Sandra lives full time on the ranch and rides her personal horses daily to perform visual inspections of all animals on a regular basis. Abundant fresh water is available in each pasture. Your horse will not be simply turned out, but will be introduced to the ranch way of life and personally monitored on a daily basis by Sandra, a long-time horsewoman.   

We also accept horses for vacation and temporary boarding.  Put your mind at ease and let us take care of your horse for you while you go on vacation.  We will also board your horse for you temporarily if you need time off to recoup from a surgery or any other matter.

Bi-monthly hoof trims and worming are provided in addition to the cost of monthly board.  Bi-Annual checkups will be scheduled and performed by our local vet at an additional cost.  For those who like to keep a close eye on their animals, pictures can be texted on a regular basis.
At an elevation of 5600 feet with 4 mild seasons, the white mountains are the perfect place to send your beloved horse partner for his/her retirement.
The retirement program is limited to geldings and open mares 15 years and older with current health papers.  We do not accept stallions, bred mares, or horses younger than 15 for the retirement boarding program.  
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